another one has fallen and hit the ground...

This the section where I explain the history of the domain. This is the third domain I've owned and I moved to it after college because my previous domain name was taken. The first was the 'Luff the Fluff Network' or it was a good start but as I grew older I began to think that name was slightly immature and had outgrown me. I still have a special place in my heart for it but now I need to move on.

Enter Cherudim.ORG a Gundam 00 based domain name, but definitely not a Gundam 00 based collective. The Cherudim Gundam is from the second half of the series and is piloted by Lyle Dylandy, or Lockon 2.0. It's name is a referenced from 1st Sphere Angel Class in the Christian-Judeo Angel Hierarchy. The "Cherubs". I'm not all that fond of religious connotations in general but I was partial to the name.

Cherudim.ORG and were hosted at Readyhosting.COM, however this time I decided to go with A Small Orange for hosting.

Esperits.ORG comes from the Old-French Esperit which in turns comes from the Middle-French Esprit. Esprit is the name Tales of the Abyss and while I take the name from the spice and not from her she is a rather charming character from one of my favorite games so I felt it was a good reference.

You are looking at the first version on the new domain. The current layout was originally created back in 2011 for Cherudim.ORG but another layout was chosen in instead. The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS2 using Tales of Destiny (2) scans from Minitokyo.NET and Abyssal Chronicles. The textures used are from VikyVampirs90. Please note I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser at a 1440x900 screen resolution and even though I try to run tests, I can not verify it will work in all browsers, however, it does work in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Thank you for visiting, and happy viewing.